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Craft Wearable Components

A list of the Wearable Components in the game.

Wearable Components
  Name Description Level Location
Angel Ore Lesser Protection Metal 1 Starter, Clan Maps, LOB/LOG Towns
Bear Iron Lesser Stamina Metal 10 XD
Blood Ore Lesser Health Metal 1 Xu, BS, KT, CF
Brain Ore Lesser Mind Metal 10 LY
Breeze Steel Lesser Agility Metal 10 AS
Bull Iron Stamina Metal 20 XT
Cat Ore Lesser Perception Metal 10 PCV, XH
Celestial Steel Greater Protection Metal 20 LL, YM
Charmed Steel Lesser Shielding Metal 1 Xu, BS, KT, CF
Chi Iron Chi Metal 10 RMH
Cloud Steel Greater Carrying Metal 30 ND
Cool Steel Lesser Rejuvenating Metal 30 TYC, HW
Death Ore Greater Poisonous Metal 20 SH
Deflecting Steel Lesser Blocking Metal 20 LL
Demon Iron Greater Harm Metal 20 XT
Devil Ore Harm Metal 10 XD, XT, YC, LL, Bu, QL, SH
Doom Steel Lesser Harm Metal 1 Starter, Clan Maps, LOB/LOG Towns
Eagle Steel Perception Metal 20 Bu, BL
Earth Iron Greater Enhancing Metal 60 ND, NA, BL
Empowering Steel Greater Empowering Metal 20 YC
Energy Ore Lesser Chi Metal 1 YA, AD, ZP, JZW
Enhancing Steel Empowering Metal 10 NW, XT, YC, LL, Bu, QL, SH, SM
Fire Steel Lesser Burning Metal 1 YA, AD, ZP, JZW
Flame Steel Greater Burning Metal 20 YC
Frozen Ore Freezing Metal 10 XH
Glow Iron Lesser Storm Metal 1 XY, QS, Hu, JT
Grave Ore Lesser Poisonous Metal 1 Xu, BS, KT, CF
Great Eye Iron Greater Perception Metal 30 SM
Great Heart Steel Greater Stamina Metal 30 TYC, HW
Gust Iron Greater Agility Metal 10 ND
Heavy Steel Lesser Carrying Metal 10 NW
Ice Steel Greater Freezing Metal 20 XT
Imbuing Iron Lesser Empowering Metal 1 Starter, Clan Maps, LOB/LOG Towns
Intellect Iron Greater Mind Metal 30 TYC, HW
Lava Steel Burning Metal 10 LY
Life Steel Greater Health Metal 20 SH
Light Iron Carrying Metal 20 Bu, YM
Live Iron Health Metal 10 FV
Marrow Steel Regenerating Metal 40 TYC, HW
Meditative Iron Rejuvenating Metal 40 ND
Mind Steel Mind Metal 20 QL
Moon Steel Combining Metal 10 ND
Muscle Ore Strength Metal 20 YC
Piercing Iron Greater Striking Metal 20 Bu, SM
Power Steel Greater Chi Metal 20 QL
Radiated Ore Poisonous Metal 10 Ma
Rare Ore Advance Strong Metal 20 BL
Rare Death Ore Advance Poisonous Metal 10 BL
Rare Demon Iron Advance Harm Metal 20 BL
Rare Earth Iron Advance Enhancing Metal 70 YM
Rare Flame Steel Advance Burning Metal 10 YM
Rare Ice Steel Advance Freezing Metal 10 SM
Rare Safe Ore Advance Shielding Metal 10 BL
Rare Shield Ore Advance Blocking Metal 20 SM
Rare Storm Ore Advance Storm Metal 10 YM
Reflective Iron Blocking Metal 30 TYC, HW
Regenerating Ore Greater Regenerating Metal 50 ND, NA
Rejuvenating Ore Greater Rejuvenating Metal 50 NA, TYC, HW
Safe Ore Greater Shielding Metal 20 LL
Saint Iron Protection Metal 10 Ma, XT, YC, LL, Bu, QL, SH, SM
Sand Ore Lesser Enhancing Metal 10 FV, PA
Sharp Iron Striking Metal 10 PCV
Shield Ore Greater Blocking Metal 40 NA, TYC, HW
Sinew Ore Lesser Strength Metal 10 QH
Snow Iron Lesser Freezing Metal 1 XY, QS, Hu, JT
Sparkle Steel Storm Metal 10 PA
Start Ore Lesser Combining Metal 10 RMH, QH
Striking Steel Lesser Striking Metal 1 XY, QS, Hu, JT
Stone Iron Enhancing Metal 30 TYC, HW
Strong Iron Greater Strength Metal 20 ND
Sun Iron Greater Combining Metal 60 NA, YM, TYC, HW
THu, JTnder Ore Greater Storm Metal 20 QL
Vigor Iron Lesser Regenerating Metal 30 ND
Ward Iron Shielding Metal 10 AS
Wind Steel Agility Metal 20 SH