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Site Vision and History

Lotus Goddess Archives was originally made while playing Storm Riders Online, towards the end of that server's existence. It started with the clothing page for the long skirt female body, followed by the shop and trainer lists which I made so I didn't have to run across every zone every time I needed something. From these store lists, many of the other sections sprouted and I posted my progress in the SRO IRC Channel as I worked away on it. Most of the old version of the site was completed while SRO was still running, although it was missing information in places.

After SRO server went down, the site stagnated for quite some time, updating a bit only during the periods in which I played PSO Fire Kirin Server (like a month or two at a time, 6 months or so apart). After Phoenix Game Studio went under and their site went with it, this site became more useful as for a while it was one of the only places with a full power list (which has been ripped by two sites, confirming its usefulness).

Some time later I decided to update the site again, and to redesign it altogether while I was at it. After taking way more time than it really needed (as I had to learn and find out a lot of things in order to do what I wanted), we now have the site you see before you now. I think it's an improvement, and I added new information in the process of the redesign as well.

The core principle behind the site has always been to offer information researched and/or written by myself, without straight copying from other websites. It's for this reason that the site lacks things such as quest guides; although I know how to do most of the quests, I can't really be bothered to put in all that effort when such guides already exist, and I'm not interested in straight copying other people's material. I'd rather put in the time and effort in something new as opposed to reinventing the wheel.

As for Lotus Goddess itself, this was my vanity guild in which I housed some of my alts. The key point of this guild is that masks and armor are ugly, and that lethal force is not an unreasonable way to deal with people who persist in wearing ugly masks and ugly armor. That said, this mission was carried out in a manner which did not involve getting pk points. Although the desire to kill people wearing masks and armor is gone, the ideal of not wearing masks or armor remains.

The guild briefly existed on PSO Fire Kirin server, but the name was somehow bugged to 9 out of 10 people who saw it, and not long after it vanished entirely for reasons that I will perhaps never know. All I can say is that the dark minions of the mask and armor cults can never sway my views, no matter what they may do or create.


A lot of effort went into updating this site (as well as making the original in the first place), and I'd like to thank all my friends from SRO and PSO just for being there. Without you, I never would have put as much work into this site as I have. Thank you everyone. :)

Although this site is hardly up to full standards, it was a lot of work to convert the existing material to CSS as well as add the new. There were a few places where I had to use tables for things other than data, but I did this only where doing what I wanted without using them was beyond my ability. That said, I'd like to give credit to some of the resources and sites that I used in working on this site. Although I am only am amateur and what I have done isn't professional quality work, these resources helped me a lot nonetheless and made it better than it would have been without them.