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This section features random things that don't fit anywhere else.

Storm Riders Online Materials

Storm Riders Online Game Manual - The full PDF manual for SRO
SRO Patch Log - Full SRO Patch Log
Don't Feed the Gorillas- A Wallpaper I made for the SRO wallpaper contest
Storm Riders Online Word Find- A Word Find made by Fish of SRO. (word list)

My Dream - This was a concept I made up for some changes in equipment slots that I had envisioned. Masks are removed and replaced with a generic head item (including hairpins), and a clothing slot is added. The clothing slot would be for aesthetic clothing, which if filled would show the look of that clothing instead of the equip in the armor slot (which might be really ugly).


Fung Wan Online Materials

FWO Bow Powers by RedComet:

"Yes the updated web does not mention the execution and cooldown time. Theoretically you have to find and test yourself.
Well pratically you can check from my self-made complete bow power list (download the attached tab-delimited text file, then use excel to import it). I can't assure the information in this list is 100% correct. Some few pwrs I have never tried myself before, and just got the information from other bowers. The accuracy is about 90~95% I think. The stats of those pwrs with an asterisk are 100% correct I assure.
If you have any question about the list try pm me in game or forums. You may not see me in game most of the time because I'm semi-retired. This may be the last contribution I can do to all the bowers in FWO before I quit..."

Basic Stuff by LiBai - A document saved from EdenII forums.